how can tarot help you?

Tarot reflects back to us what we already know within ourselves. 

It is therefore beneficial with coaching for a number of reasons. It doesn’t tell us what to do, it helps us look at the situation from a different perspective. 

For example, it could be we already consciously know the solution. This is the confirmation and affirmation. Or we are actually unaware of the message, until now. This then gives us the confirmation into our subconscious minds, giving sight into the direction we could be taking. 

By linking in with the subconscious, it allows you to see part of the mind, of which you may not be fully aware of but is influencing one’s actions and feelings

Therefore it allows us to identify where to invest our energy or not. More often, it gives us confidence to move on. This can allows us to make positive changes to manifest goals and dreams. Overall it can help with self healing and self awareness. 

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