During 2020, I conducted a number of sessions with clients around the world. I was also part of the Biddy Tarot Network where I scored a rating of 4.6 out of 5*. Please see below for some examples of my feedback.

“Sara has been kind and accurate and has addressed every aspect of my question. I really loved the fact that she also interpreted the jumping card from the deck; it has been a wonderful surprise. I really feel encouraged and nurtured after her reading, thank you very much. I strongly perceived that she believed in me and was on my side”

“Your reading was the best reading I’ve had! It made me and my wife feel much better about our situation. It was so accurate”

“I can feel Sara’s enthusiasm came through her reading she gave me and her advice to not give up despite the challenges. Three cards can give a lot of information to a situation!”

“It felt like she was in my head. I asked one question and she answered all of the questions I had in my head but was afraid to ask. It really felt like Sara was a close friend of mine that was concerned about me. Bless you Sara”

“I have no tip for Sara. She is extraordinary, a really inspired reader”

“Dear Sara, Thank you for doing a reading which focused on the present, next steps and towards my ultimate goal. It was truly extensive and I appreciated it a lot. It is very detailed and very personal. It feels like a face to face reading rather than online! This confirmed everything I needed to know. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward”

“Sara, you were extremely on point with your reading! I was beyond impressed with your reading. Your response was extremely fast. Secondly, the way you break down the reading made it easy for me to absorb and appreciate”

“Your reading brought me so much clarity and insight into my everyday consuming thoughts. You have a true calling! Best wishes to you, thank you so much!”

“Overall, I rate you 5 stars. The reading gave me me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful for me and provided a lot of value. I absolutely recommend you as a tarot reader to others”